5 Tips for Choosing a Nail Color

The nail salon is a place where we make, what we dramatic people may consider, one of the hardest decisions ever! Well, picking a nail color may not be THAT bad, but it can be difficult, especially when there are a lot of options to choose from. There are a few things you can consider, when choosing a color, that can save you time and prevent you from stressing yourself out! Here are 5 tips to think about when you just can't seem to decide on a color:

1. What season is it? Considering the season can give you an idea of what color scheme you want to narrow your options down to. For example, you can do lighter shades of pinks, blues, or greens, white, or gray for spring; or you can do bright neon colors for summer! 

2. Where do you work? Bright colors and super long nails wouldn't be a good idea if you work in a professional environment! Keep it simple, yet cute!

3. How will your personal style match your nail color? If you're really indecisive, try to match the color with your personal style! If you usually wear all black, or if you're wardrobe is more vibrant, get a color that complements it!

4. Do you wear jewelry on your wrists or fingers? If you usually wear accessories on your arms or hands, getting a color that goes with either gold or silver can narrow down your search!

5. What shape are you getting your nails? Sometimes having a coffin shape nail can bring out colors better than having oval shape nails, or vice versa. Determine what shape you want, then figure out what colors would look best with that shape!

Use these tips to cut down time at your next salon visit! HCxo!