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5 Things Your Bartender Wish You Knew

As soon as Friday hits, getting out of adult responsibilities and getting a drink with our girls is a must. So as planned that night you reunite with your girls after a long week and head to the bars. The drinks begin and so does the fun. Although this is a night for you to getaway from responsibilities, for your bartender, its yet another long night of work. Here are a few things your bar tender wished you knew to make their jobs easier.   


1. Talk loud and clear  

A bar is going to be filled with loud music and drunk people doing drunk things. Hint: when you approach your bartender don’t whisper or expect for them to read your lips;  talk loud and clear. Don’t let them struggle just to try to figure out what drink you’re ordering.  

2. Always tip your bartender  

Remember majority of the money bartenders make come from tips. Be sure to tip them. Show them gratitude for making your night unforgettable, (or in this case a night you won’t be able to remember). This will benefit you because if you tip them  your bar tender will always have your drinks out before anybody else’s drinks and on some occasions maybe even free!  

3. Show respect  

Just because you’re on the other side of the bar doesn’t make you any better than your bartender. Treat them with respect. Don’t throw your money at them, don’t demand anything from them, and most importantly don’t make them feel uncomfortable 

4. Flirting is a no  

You bartender’s attitude will come off as flirtatious because of course they’re trying to make more money. This doesn’t mean they appreciate creepy, perverted stares all night. No, they’re most likely not trying to go home with you, so stop trying.  


5. Closing time  

When that time comes just go ahead and make it easy for everybody and move the party elsewhere. Do not attempt to try to get another round or drinks and most importantly do not get angry with your bartender when they refuse to sell you anymore drinks after the bar has closed.  


These are just some bar etiquette tips that are important for everybody to practice. Bar etiquette benefits not only your bartender, but as well as yourself and your friends. Go out. have fun, and return the favor to your bartender.  




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