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5 Things Recent Grads are Tired of Hearing

As an up-and-coming college graduate, there are lots of things swirling through my head on a constant basis:

“Will I find a job?”

“Is my resume good enough?”

“Can I defer my student loan payments?”

College graduation is a true tragedy; a story filled with joy and overwhelming stress and anxiety. One thing that doesn’t help is constantly being asked the same questions about my post-graduation plans. Here are 5 things that recent college grads are tired of hearing:


1. “Do you have a job yet?”

I get asked this at least five days a week, without fail. When I’m spending 90% percent of my time stressing over applications and interviews, the last thing I want to do is discuss my job prospects with family members and family friends. Unless you’re planning on helping me find a job, don’t ask. 


2. “Are you going to make any money with that degree?”

This is, without a doubt, the RUDEST question you can ask someone. Whether I majored in astrophysics or hot-air balloon science, I spent 4+ long years and thousands of dollars getting this degree. You’re going to respect it! PERIOD. 


3. “Why did it take you (insert number greater than 4) years to graduate?”

Many people have this false idea that anyone who doesn’t graduate in 4 years or less is a bad student. That couldn’t be any further from the truth. Some students take some time off during their undergrad. Some students only take a few classes per semester. Some student work full-time while going to school. Some students have to repeat a class or two. Some students have kids during their undergrad. No matter the scenario, there isn’t a right or wrong time to graduate. What matters is that you actually graduate!


4. “You’re an adult now. Welcome to the real world!”

Unless you’re some type of genius who’s graduating from college at 16, you’ve probably been an adult for a while now. Managing these hectic, stressful, downright crazy undergraduate years have made you even more of an adult. The “real world” doesn’t start after college; you’ve been in it the whole time. 


5. “When are you getting your master’s?”

Can I breathe? While many recent college grads already have plans lined up for graduate school, everyone deserves a little time to relax before the next step. Unless a recent grad offers to discuss their future plans with you, mind your business.  



Preyah James

Valdosta '18

Preyah is a senior studying briology and journalism at Valdosta State University. Originally from Riverdale, GA, Preyah is president and Campus Correspondant for VSU's chapter of Her Campus. When she's not studying for a genetics test, Preyah loves to cook, read and watch Game of Thrones. Post-graduation, she plans to pursue a career in science writing and journalism, hoping to work for National Geographic. 
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