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5 Things Everyone Did as a Kid

1. Run away from the dark

I don’t know what it is about a dark room, but everyone has sprinted up those stairs after turning off the lights or coming out of the basement. Whether we actually believe in ghost or not there is always a little sigh of relief once we get back safe into our room.


2. Make other cars on the highway our companions

When you were in the car on a road trip, it was hard not to notice those other cars on the highway. You secretly made these other cars your companions and once they got off the highway you unwillingly said goodbye. 


3. Thought the moon was following us 

As a child, with our basic knowledge of how the world worked, we were sure of one thing and that is that the moon definitely followed us. Although our comprehension has expanded since then, we still like to think it’s specifically following us. 


4. Mistook the purple crayon for the blue one 

We might not have cared so much as toddlers, but in the fifth grade when we were competing in the coloring contest at Subway we became quite upset when we picked up what we thought was the blue crayon only to realize it was purple. 


5. Made sure we didn’t have superpowers

We were all guilty of really thinking we had some kind of superpowers. Whether we were trying to open doors or gravitate something in arm’s reach, we stuck our arms out towards the object and really focused on the task at hand. We thought that one day it would happen and we just needed to give it time.

Jasmine Kendrick, otherwise known as Penny Lane is a 21 year old junior studying Communication Arts at Valdosta State. Originally from Wisconsin this Mid-Western girl moved to Georgia two years ago when she transferred from Columbia College in Chicago. Most of Jasmine’s time is spent working and being involved on campus. Jasmine loves her afro, shopping, reading a good book, traveling, cooking and spending time with family and friends. Follow Jasmine on Twitter and Instagram @__pennylanee.
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