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5 Sweet Spots to Visit in Jacksonville, FL

The holidays are here and after everybody’s sweet tooth! But if you were planning on taking a road trip down to the sunshine state this holiday season, here are a few places to stop to bring you to your well-desired sugar rush (and even pick up a few stocking stuffers). 

Kilwin's Ice Cream

Located at 10281 Mid Town Pkway, Jacksonville Fl 32246, this sweets shop is the perfect after-lunch spot to hit if you find yourself around the Town Center outlet mall. The first question you ask yourself upon walking through the door is “what DON’T they have?” Ice cream might be their top-selling item, but do not overlook their collection of hand-paddled fudge or caramel-dipped apples, as they are equally as delicious. This season, they have added many seasonal holiday items, including their Peppermint ice cream flavor and Penuche fudge. Have a large party you’d like to gift this season? Simply call and schedule an event package and Kilwin’s Jacksonville can bring the ice cream to you and your office party, school event, or anywhere your heart desires! 

Insomnia Cookies

You can find this late-night delivery spot at 4549 Southside Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32216. All different varieties and flavors of cookies can be delivered to you instantly, with certain locations having ice cream at their disposal to make the dessert even sweeter. However, if you cannot find yourself near Insomnia Cookies this holiday season, you should know that they ship nationwide! Additionally, a few seasonal flavors of theirs can be ordered today. These include Spicy Hot Cocoa, Candy Cane, and Hot Cinnamon Whiskey.

Mini Bar Donuts

This delectable donut shop is located in two areas of Jacksonville (1300 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250, and 10618 Deerwood Park Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32256). Though their treats might be seen as minuscule because they are “a third of the size of a regular donut”—or so their website approximates—Mini Bar Donuts sees this as an opportunity to try more than one at a time. Within minutes, one can save nineteen different trips to Mini Bar to try their signature flavors and order half a dozen right there! The best part is that a customer will leave feeling satisfied, instead of bloated after sampling a multitude of their Signature Donut Flavors such as Pop-Tart and Coffee Cake. 


Pelican's Snoballs

This shaved ice restaurant is the perfect end for any beach day. Located at 1029 3rd St N, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250, their menu is packed full of 100+ flavors of New Orleans style shaved ice! This way, every customer who enters can leave with a flavor they adore. Similar to Kilwin’s Jacksonville, this sweet spot also offers events to any large parties and brings their signature Snoballs to you and your office, school, church, etc.

Sweet Pete's Candy

You can find this gourmet candy store on 400 N Hogan St, Jacksonville FL, 32202. The variety of their creations is so astounding and great, the building reaches two stories! While seemingly ordinary on the outside, Sweet Pete’s holds chocolates and candies for almost anybody. Their website advertises several things the average person might be unaware they offer, such as their list of “Vegan Treats” or their own candy making classes. A trip to this modern Candyland, or any of the others listed above, is an experience I wouldn’t miss out on!



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