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5 Subscription Boxes He’ll Love

As the holiday season quickly approaches you may be wondering what to get for your boyfriend. A few of us are lucky and have boyfriends that know exactly what they want and tell us the first chance they get, but most of us end up having to figure it out on our own. Here are five subscription box gifts that are inexpensive and perfect for your man!

1. Dollar Shave Club 


Dollar Shave Club is the home of the famous dollar a month razor. This will be well worth your money! Not only will your man be looking and feeling great, so will you! These razors are sent directly to his doorstep monthly. That means no more nasty old razors, extremely rough faces and gross cuts. Not only do they sell razors, but they also sell tons of different things to get his face right where it needs to be before and after his shave! Here is where to get it. 

2. The Bro Box

This box is full of things just for “bros.” Your boyfriend will love this if he’s into fitness! They receive a box every two weeks full of goodies from snacks to protein supplements to apps to games to well, this list is quite endless and they even get surprise gift each month! You can get one here

3. Loot Crate

Is your boyfriend a gamer? Do you often find yourself calling him a nerd? Well this is absoutely the box for him. Look no further

4. Mantry 

Is he quite the chef? Here is a box that delivers delicious artisian food right to his doorstep. Not only is it a great idea for a guy who loves to cook, it can also be of your benefit when he finally prepares it. You can get this delciious box here

5. Graze

Is your boyfriend somewhat of a health nut? Here is a box that will be great for both of you. The graze box has a plethora of different yummy snacks that are not only delicious but healthy. From nuts to sweets, he’ll love seeing them in the mail each month. They can even be delivered right to his work place. Get them here

Enjoy the holidays! HCXO!

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