5 Spring Break Dos and Don'ts

Spring break is right around the corner! Many of us have been waiting on this moment since the school year began. It most certainly is a much needed break. We don’t have to worry about cramming for tests, or any school work for an entire week. Instead our only worry is to have the most fun we could possibly have in that one week.Spring break is a fun time, but we also must remember that where there is fun, danger is sure to follow. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while on your trip.

Do: Make sure reservations and driving arrangements are settled before the trip.

Don’t: Drink and drive! If you had too much to drink do not drive. Call an uber or a cab.

Don’t: Hook up  with a random person. You don’t want to bring home any STD’s or unwanted pregnancies. If you do happen to hook up with someone make sure you’re prepared and use protection.


Do: Be well aware of your surroundings, and be mindful that everyone does not have your best interest at heart.


Don’t: Spend all your money on this trip! Remember spring break only lasts a week, after that you have to return to reality. So, don’t put yourself in debt. If you can’t afford it don’t go!



Do: Have fun and live it up!