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5 Songs on Shuffle for Football Season

Football season is finally here and that means three things: tailgates, turn-ups and touchdowns. None of these things can thrive without a hype playlist. Here are five songs you need on shuffle for the season.

1. We Ready (2002) – Archie Eversole feat. Bubba Sparxx

There’s no denying that this song is meant for hype behind the beginning of football season. While the lyrics may be a little repetitive the instrumental will have you ready for all the sacks, broken tackles and trick plays that are sure to come this season from your favorite teams.

2. Power (2010) – Kanye West

“No one man should have all that power,” says Kanye. This just signifies that football isn’t a one player sport and that the team has to work together. May the connection between the quarterback and wide receiver be almighty and may the offensive linemen get the recognition they deserve for holding off the defense. This song is sure to get you in the zone!

3. Let’s Go (2004) – Trick Daddy feat. Big D & Twista

The football anthem of all football anthems; it needs no explanation.

4. Trophies (2014) – Young Money feat. Drake

While it’s just the beginning of the season the overall goal is for your favorite school/franchise to bring home a trophy. This song is sure to get you in the mindset of seeing your team walk away with the ultimate victory.

5. Big Rings (2015) – Drake & Future

“You and yours verses me and mine,” let the trash talking begin. Drake and Future on a beat is already sure to be a banger but throw in the hype of the season and this song will have you ready for whatever. Also, it’s a whole song dedicated to getting rings… it’s like a new age “We Are the Champions.”

While I’m sure any fanatic will already be pumped that the season is starting these songs are sure to help you get ready for a good time. 


Rineta is a Speech Communication major at Valdosta State University, with an emphasis in public relations. She aspires to have a career in sports media relations one day. In her free time she enjoys binge watching shows written by Shonda Rimes on Netflix, reading professional athlete autobiographies and being the friend who laughs too much. Follow her- IG/Twitter: _rrainey
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