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5 “Slept On” Restaurants in Valdosta

​If you're tired of eating Chic Fil A, Which Which and Moe's on campus (and I'm sure you are) then this list is for you!



La Jalisco. ​Authentic Mexican.

If you love of Mexican food las much as I do, you probably hate the fact that there aren't many authentic Mexican restaurants in Valdosta. Some people are okay with Americanized Mexican food, but I love that real deal! As I always say: if the waiters don’t speak Spanish, I don’t want it. Plus, the entire front section of La Jalisco's is a whole Mexican grocery store! So, you know they mean business.

Cupworks. Korean Restaurant.

I visited Cupworks for the first time earlier this year and fell in love. I love Korean food, especially a good plate of bulgolgi and steamed rice! Not only is Cupworks tasty, but their prices are really good. It’s kind of far out on Bemiss, but worth the drive when you have the extra time.


Big Nicks. Soul Food.

I can’t even believe that there are people at VSU who haven’t had Big Nick’s! But there are! Big Nicks is right down the road from campus and owned by a VSU graduate. Everything on Big Nick’s menu is delicious, but my personal favorite is the Oxtail Thursdays. They also make great alcohol drinks!

Gulio’s. Greek & Italian.

Gulio’s is located right beside the University Center. I’ve only been once, but I remember their baked spaghetti like I was there yesterday! Once again, I love authentic cuisine and Gulio’s is definetly authentic.

Bubba Jax Crab Shack. Seafood.

PSA Crab Leg Lovers: this place is GOODT. Their prices are also reasonable, and the staff is always pleasant.



I hope you take the time and check out some of the restaurants I listed! I promise you won’t be disappointed.




Markesia Barron is a senior at Valdosta State University. She majors in Middle Grades Education concentrated in Language Arts and Reading. After graduation, she plans to become a middle school Language Arts teacher in the Metro Atlanta area. Markesia enjoys writing, reading, super-hero movies, and meditating outside. She's a big Beyonce fan and self-care enthusiast.
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