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5 Signs You May Already Be Slacking

Are you having too much fun enjoying life, hanging out with friends and partying rather than keeping up with your studies? Hey, that’s okay because I have a list of 5 reasons why you might already be a slacker and tips on how to help you get back on track! 

1.) You’ve Given Up 

Believe in yourself. Always know that you can do it when you feel like giving up because as we all know, school can get tiring.

2.) You’re Not Focused

Keep yourself in a healthy mindset. This will allow you to be able to stay focused and not get bogged down in any uncesssary stress.

3.) You Procrastinate

It is vital to stay on top of things in order to do your very best. Kicking your procrastination to the curb will help you achieve more goals, such as making better grades on assignments.

4.) You’re Always on Social Media

I get it, you love keeping up with the latest trends and memes, but I promise if you set your phone down for an hour, you can get a lot more done. Scrolling mindlessly through social media keeps you distracted from things that will actually benefit you in the long run.

5.) You’re Overwhelmed 

Being anxious can cause you to not be able to succeed or stay on top of the important things. Calm down and relax. Everything will all be okay. I know it’s hard, but try not to worry too much about what’s going on in your personal life that’s affecting you negativitely. Worrying won’t fix the problem. Let it all go and take a deep breath!

Hang in there! You’ve got this!


Nijzea Shaw

Valdosta '22

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