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5 Shows That Need to End

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Valdosta chapter.

Television shows are meant to entertain us so that we can escape the reality of our lives. They’re like extensive movies. However, when shows need to come to a resolution and end already, it is painfully obvious. 


1. Pretty Little Liars

Got a secret, can you keep it, taking this one to the grave? This show needs to be taken by “A” as well. I love Pretty Little Liars with all of my heart, I do. It’s very entertaining and suspenseful and such, BUT, it’s been going on for four years now and we still have no idea who “A” is. It gets so frustrating at times that I start to question whether “A” is me! It’s time to wrap it up


2. The Game

First it was on The CW, then it went to BET and things turned for the worst. As fans, we all fell in love with Melanie, Derwin, Malik, Jason, Tasha Mack, and Kelly. The orginal cast was so relatable and we always wondered how the people would turn out and where they would go. But most of the original cast members have come and gone and so has my interest with this show. 



I used to love this show. Singing around and dancing to all the popular songs was fun; however, when you’re with an original cast for so long and new people enter the mix, it doesn’t feel right. The characters came and left and so the show must go too. 


4. American Idol

This is one of the most televised talent shows, or at least it used to be. However, it really has run its course. American Idol has been going on for over a decade now. I’ve noticed that some of the people that have won on the show haven’t lived up to the potential career they were promised. Also, other shows like The Voice are much more modern and updated to where we can see a future for the person because they get advice and help from their mentor, who is a successful singer/judge. The original judges on AI aren’t even there anymore! It’s time to pack up and head home, American Idol.


5. 19 & Counting

This show has become a huge hit for TLC! The Duggar Family has 19 kids! And all their names start with “J”. This show is a riot because of how many kids there are in one family and to just see how they operate is pretty cool. However, I think it needs to go because there are19 kids. The mother is always becoming pregnant and I’m pretty sure that she has health problems with giving birth to so many. Health & fame don’t coincide.  


These shows are strictly my opinion and just for fun. Of course, I’ll still watch Pretty Little Liars until I’m in a rocking chair with gray hair, if it lasts that long!

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