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5 Reasons To Get a Library Card

We sometimes take our access to public libraries for granted. Libraries should not be as overlooked as they are, and here are 5 reasons why!

1. FREE WIFI. As if saying that isn’t enough. Free wifi is something we all love. Well it’s free and after all it is wifi. Libraries are the perfect place to bring your laptop and do some homework in peace and quiet.

2. If you didn’t already know, due to ever growing technology capabilities, you can now borrow and renew books at home! So if it’s the return date for a book and you’re not feeling up to returning it, your online library account is only a few clicks away! This also means you don’t have to spend much time in the library if you don’t want to, you can just pick up the books you checked out at the desk!

3. Did you know that at the library they usually sells books for a super low price? While you’re out spending money at the book store you probably could find the exact same book for cheaper at the library.


4. Need something to read or looking for something in specific? Librarians are the perfect reference guides for whatever book/magazine you may be looking for. Not only can they make a recommendation to you, but they can also tell you right where it is.

5. It’s all FREE! Why not join somewhere where you can do homework, use computers, read books and hangout at; all for free? It absolutely wouldn’t hurt and the benefits it offers for your grades, knowledge and sanity are definitely awesome!


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