5 Random Acts of Kindness To Do On Campus

Every day on campus, you either experience or are witness to acts of petty and rude people. Whether you drop the door in someone's face when walking into a class building or no one tells you there is spinach in your teeth at Palms, sometimes these things are unintentional and not meant to happen. Nonetheless, if you're looking to change our campus in a small, easy way, here are five ways to spread a little more kindness around. 

1. Putting $1 in the Drink Machine

You forgot your water bottle at home but don't have the FLEX or change to grab a Coke from the drink machine. Sometimes you see someone struggling to find a quarter for exact change so they can get that Sprite for $1.25. Help someone else avoid this by leaving a $1 (or more!) in the drink machine and buying their drink for them!

2. Drop a Few Heads Up Pennies

My freshman year, a guy named Matt in my residence hall went around campus during finals week and left 100 heads up pennies on the ground. His reasoning? Someone is on their way to take a final and finds one of these bad boys laying around. That person automatically feels a lot luckier or at least smiles at the sentiment. Try dropping a few yourself and wishing others a little luck on their way!

3. Get Sticky

We all dread finding party promo flyers and business ads on our cars after leaving class, but what if it was something better? Some of my favorite notes from high school were hand written "Feel better!" & "Have a great day" sticky notes stuck to my driver's side window before & after class. Try tagging some cars with a little bit of encouragement!

4. Leave One Behind

Ever gotten to class and realized you didn't have a pen or pencil on you? You can't take notes with a yellow highlighter and you don't know anyone to ask for a borrowed writing utensil. It sucks. If you ever find yourself with a few extra pencils, leave one behind you on the class desk or on the library table. Save someone else from this sticky situation.

5. Say Thank You

This random act of kindness can be free or cost you a little bit. It never hurts to say thank you. To the person holding the door for you, slipping you a sheet of paper in class, or the mainteance worker who stopped blowing leaves as you walked by them. Say thank you. If you're feeling really thankful, buy a maintenance worker a Chickfila milkshake or give your RA the rest of your Moe's chips.

Don't be afraid to be the person to go the extra smile in sharing a smile, laugh, or kind word. On campus, these little things are always appreciated, and if not, just know the good karma & energy you are putting out, is making the world a better place. HCXO!