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5 Quick Methods to Better Your Skin

While there are some people who are born with almost perfect skin, the most of us are not. Some of us have really sensitive skin that breaks out with even a change in moisturizer, then there are some of us that tend to break out close to our cycle. While perfect skin will never be able to actually happen there are some changes that could improve your skin drastically.  

1. Hydration  

It seems like water is the answer for everything and its because your body is made up mostly of water. When it comes to skin care, water helps you detoxicate your body. A good method to detoxication is drinking water with a fresh lemon and lime. This method is extremely simple and affordable and it does wonders. Staying hydrated is important because if your skin isn’t getting the sufficient amount of water it will be present by turning your skin dry, tight and flaky. No one enjoys flaky skin.  

2. Makeup

It is vital to wash your face every night, especially if you were wearing makeup. Going to sleep with makeup on will cause nothing but negative effects to your skin. For one you more will get clogged up leading to breakouts and secondly, it can cause premature wrinkles.  

3. Do Not Touch 

Something as simple as not touching your face will make great improvements. As easy as this sounds it can also be a challenge. Sometimes you’ll unconsciously touch your face throughout the day, or you’ll pick at a pimple you have. Touching your face is fatal for your skin because your transferring germs that you’ve picked up throughout the day and transferring them to your face.  

4. Face Masks 

Face masks are always fun, they are a great way to relax after a long day and they are also great ideas for a girl’s night in with your friends. While there are actual facemasks sold at cosmetic stores such as Sally’s Beauty Supply Store, the healthiest option is to make your own homemade natural facemask. One of the best plants you can use is Aloe vera. This plant can be used for anything when it comes to skin from acne to sunburns.  

5.Go Natural

While going natural isn’t always the easy thing to do, it’s important you do. Embracing your skin is so important because after all, it’s your skin and that’s reason enough to love it. Another reason is because while makes up does help our confidence, part of having healthy skin comes from allowing your skin to rest. Try to go half of the week without wearing makeup. Maybe the days you don’t have to go to work or the days you don’t have plans to go out with you friends, use these days as rest days for your skin. Not only will you improve the health of your skin but you will start to gain confidence in your skin. 



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