5 Professors You Will Meet In College

There are certain expectations that college students have coming in and even after freshman year. We hope for things like better dining on campus, more money, bae to finally make an appearance, etc. Now, speaking in academic terms, we hope for the very best professors; they won't all be great, but we expect for them to be pretty cool. While nobody's class is absolutely identical and the teaching styles vary, there are some trends about professors that you can find on any college campus! Here are a few teachers you will probably come in contact with in your collegiate career:

1. The one who’s easy-going, but hard to leave

We will start with the kind that we all know and love: the ones that are really just there to teach their students the essentials; not make each class a living hell.

Likely says “attendance isn’t mandatory”, gives opportunities for extra credit, rounds your 89.38 to a 90, cancels class 3+ times in a semester, lets class out early just because, happy to write recommendation letters, will speak if they see you in Target.

When cloning becomes a thing, you're totally making carbon copies of this person!

2. Tenured teacher

This professor won’t be fired unless they absolutely break some kind of law or regulation; they know their subject area backwards and forwards—likely an older man or woman.

Isn’t afraid to let the entire class know that they are on tenure, so they don’t care if you don’t like the grading policy or syllabus (a.k.a—"waste your time reporting me to the dean of my college if you want to"). Bad with names, either really sweet or really not. Loves telling stories and using personal examples. 

3. The crazy one

In simple terms, this instructor is really out of their mind. Sometimes it’s funny/cute and sometimes it just gets weird. They are quite passionate about their work and don’t like you disrespecting their craft (saying the class is pointless, dumb, etc.)

Rambles on excitedly and doesn’t even realize half of the class has resorted to scrolling through Snapchat or IG, assigns unrealistic reading homework, wears outfits that either don’t match or are outdated, and has likely written a book or two--may even require you to buy it for the class

4. The great debater

Might seem chill until someone offers an opinion and then suddenly they’re playing devil’s advocate and trying to spark an interesting group discussion.

Stands around smirking while the students that are actually engaged in the matter go back and forth. Controversial topics make their world go round. Usually found in the Poli-Sci department watching news reports from various stations and reading satire. Will talk to anyone, but typically on the smartest kid in the room can keep up with his nonsense. Preys on people who don't keep up with world events and politics.


5. The Aaal professor

Attending their class is the bane of your existence. Can ruin your favorite subject in a matter of 50 minutes (or less).

They often asks questions and when no one answers, gets mad and says “Come on, this is easy/basic” because they’ve been teaching it for 20-something years" *eye roll* You often wonder how they have friends or family because they seem like awful human beings.

If there is one thing out of place on an assignment the whole thing is garbage and you have failed in their eyes. Not going to let you use creative freedom—it’s their way or the highway.

Fortunately the range of professors is far and wide and over the span of your college career, you will encounter some of the best and some of the not-so-best. Whatever combination of instructors you end up with for fall 2016, try to succeed and make the most of the experience. It will make for a great article story one day!