5 Pet Peeves from the Passenger Seat


We all get pet peeves while driving & sometimes our road rage is out of control, but we never consider what the passenger seat rider has to go through. Passenger seat riders are quite overlooked because let's face it, it's not really about them. Let's check out some pet peeves that might make you reconsider calling shotgun. 

1. Whack DJ: it's so painful having to ride alongside someone with no taste in music whatsoever! Especially the 'it's my car, you can't touch the radio' types of people.

2. The reckless driver: these drivers have you holding on for dear life every time you get in the car. Every 5 minutes, your seatbelt is locking & you find yourself paying attention to the road more than they are. These are the people who like your picture on Instagram and you're trying to figure out how, if they're supposed to be driving. 

3. The 'wreck-less' driver: these kinds of people drive 10 miles under the speed limit and stops at yellow lights. It takes double the time to get to your destination, but at least your safe right?

4. Window privileges: have you ever rode in the car with someone and tried to roll the window down and it's locked? What about the people that roll your window down when they're hot? 

5. When the driver gets road rage: It's always awkward when the driver gets road rage and starts beeping the horn frantically and you're just sitting there like 

These pet peeves may get on our nerves, but on the bright side, at least we're not the DD! HCxo!