5 Period Memes to Make You Laugh 'Til You Bleed

New month, new menstrual cycle! The b*tch is back by popular demand and will (hopefully) be rolling out her red carpet once again. Society has made massive strides in making menstruation less shameful, now we can work towards making it more enjoyable. We should celebrate our amazing bodies in ALL that they do for us. Here's five memes to help get you through your time of the month.


You're still that b*tch #whilebleeding.


Painkillers aren't enough when an imaginary knife is stabbing your uterus. 


You're allowed to be mad and scraggly but refer back to #1 to make yourself feel better.


Or when it sticks to your stray pubes. THE WORST.


What we all need (along with the repeal of the Tampon Tax).


I hope Aunt Flo brings you a light flow, tampon coupons, and zero period breakouts this month. Happy Menstruating!