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5 Must See Halloween Movies

Halloween is just around the corner. It’s time to finish gutting your pumpkins and buy tons of candy for the neighborhood kids. While everyone is thinking of the cutest or scariest costume to wear, don’t forget to watch those iconic Halloween movie specials. During the holidays, there is nothing better than sitting around the TV watching your favorite seasonal movies. Here are some of the movies that we can’t wait to see this Halloween.

1. Halloween Town If you’re a 90’s baby, you know all about Disney’s original movie Halloween Town. This movie is no doubt a classic. It may not be the scariest but it shows the value of family and team work and besides who doesn’t want an awesome grandma like Aggie! 

2. Don’t Look Under the BedGrowing up this movie was the scariest and funniest Halloween movie yet. We learned there is no one Boogie Man but several “Boogie Persons” that lurk beneath our beds. Its aspect of comedy is what makes it different from your average childhood scary movie. 

3. Harry PotterYou don’t have to be a nerd to fall in love with Harry Potter. Though the books are great the movies are what paints the picture of the forsaken teenage wizard. From Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 this series definitely sets the mood for this magical season. 

4. Hocus PocusThe witches in this movie are not your typical witches; yes they fly on broom sticks but there not as clever as believed to be. Their quest for youth sends them on an unordinary journey. This movie turns several non-believing teens into believers of an ancient magical folk-tale that they will never forget. This movie is Halloween all by itself. 

5. TwilightTwilight is every girl’s romantic beauty and the beast type movie series. Though not scary at all this movie’s suspenseful and mysterious plot is what gives it a Halloween feel, and you can’t forget about the vampires and werewolves. This unorthodox love affair between a mortal and vampire adds a little romance to such a dark holiday. 


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