5 Movies You Forgot You Loved

1. She’s The Man

Before Amanda Bynes pulled a 2007 Brittney Spears, she was the “it” girl of chick flick comedies in the early and mid-2000s. Did I mention that a young Channing Tatum is also shirtless a lot in this movie? That should be enough of a reason to watch.


2. John Tucker Must Die

This movie combines an unlikely cast but it’s sure to bring you a ton of laughs. Not to mention, revenge on a man is always cause for a good time.


3. Stick It

You may not be a gymnast yourself but this an all-round entertaining movie to see when you want to watch something different.


4. Bring It On

Does this movie even need an explanation? It’s the ultimate cheer off that will surely bring back good memories.


5. Miss Congeniality

You can never go wrong with Sandra Bullock…ever.