5 Locations Specific for 'You Time'

As an only child, I thrive for me time. My social meter can only take so much and after a night out, I need three nights in to recover. When my social battery has run low and my patience has drawn thin, here are my top five locations to get some much needed me time. 

Location 1:

Any Music Festival:

This past weekend, in particular, I had the pleasure of going to a FREE, Jazz Recital presented by Daniel Lawrence. On Saturday, in Whitehead Auditorium, I was entertained by the upbeat tempos of seven magical men who played each of their designated instruments tremendously. Thought the room was basically empty, I helped me enjoy the ambiance even more. Without the distractions of audience members and crying babies, it was a smooth way to enjoy my Saturday afternoon.

Location 2:

Art Galleries:

Another go-to place of mine is an art gallery. I enjoy going to art galleries by myself, including the ones I may not even think I'm interested in. I have always had a passion for art and going to art galleries with my wine and heels has always been a fantasy of mine. With a quiet ambiance and the vibrancy of the art work on typical white walls, somehow I find myself in other's visual representation of pain, joy, endurance, and creativity.

Location 3:

The Draw:

A quaint location in Valdosta, Ga. You can never say Valdosta has nothing to offer. The Draw is a "come as you are, relax and put your worries on a canvas". With food and paint, what more could you ask for? Though this space is a lot more open, it's also an easy way to escape whatever you may have going on around you. Similar to your normal paint and sips, The Draw has more than winery and pastels. With various food options and the opportunity to draw, paint, or turn you artwork digital. The Draw has been my open little secret for a while now.


Location 4:

The Movie Theater

Now typically, people go to the movies with their friends or significant others, however, that never made sense to me personally. If I'm on a date, I want to watch the movie, not some lil boy that wants to get to know me better. The only thing he will remotely learn is my ability to ignore him especially if the movie... like Black Panther... was amazing asf. Now with friends on the other hand, for some reason, there is always a friend that talks too much reacts to everything, or isn't as interested as you are. Going to the movies by myself is a rarity simply because most movies I'm not particularly interested in. I love political, social, historical, and mentally enduring movies that challenge my way of behaving and thinking. When I go to the movies alone, I am more in touch with what I feel rather than what my best friend is trying to do after the movies. 

Location 5:

Home Sweet Home

My absolute favorite place to be. My room, my bed, my humble abode, my antisocial relaxation recharging station. I love spending time in my room. With my lights off, slow jams playing and a candle to set the ultimate mood if I don't want to be bothered but you just feel obligated to know where I am...it is here. When I don't feel like leaving the house, this is always my go to when I need me time. Many are afraid of turning off their phones for a couple of hours, having a break from social media and reading a good book. But for me, this is what I live for every weekend. My relaxation days are often scheduled Fridays and Saturdays, but never back to back because I'm always on the go. However, if I don't get me time AT LEAST twice a week, whether it be for one hour or one day, I get real crazy, real quick.


We all need space and time to gather ourselves. Even though you may be this social butterfly that thrives on attention and person to person contact, step one relax, because no one should ever come between you and what you need to do for you. If they call and don't text you immediately after, it wasn't important. If it's "urgent", but not detrimental to you, you don't have to do everything for everybody Take your te, take 5 deep breaths, and relax boo.