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5 Houseplants that will Heal You and Help You

Whether it’s a female right of passage or the brainwashing from the older women in our families, many women in our age bracket find themselves making the dive into gardening. Gardening and agriculture is an age-old human tradition and is something women are often expected to do and/or are quite proud of. Many women our age sometimes struggle to figure out what kinds of plants to buy and how to keep them alive. But the hard work is so worth it because when your plants are alive, you are able to thrive. I quickly learned this going through a period breakout when I harvested one of my Aloe leaves and rubbed it all over my face, quelling my breakout. 

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe is a very easy plant to care for (both my roommate and I have one), and it can also heal burns, scrapes or bumps that may occur. Aloe Vera is a succulent that will thrive in the windowsill (I currently have mine in a west-facing window). Since Aloe is a succulent, it will not have any drastic negative effects if it is not watered as often as it should be. Be sure to water it through once every two to three weeks, and using a good mixture succulent soil should keep your Aloe happy and your skin pretty clear. Harvesting a plump leaf off an Aloe plant is not a difficult task, and having a plant in your home makes for a very easy healing experience. 

2. Snake Plant

Another helpful house plant is the snake plant. A snake plant is also a succulent and will thrive despite being underwatered. Snake plants, affectionately referred to as ‘mother-in-law’ plants are great for beginner plant owners and can be found in a variety of shops (including Walmart). Making sure not to overwater your plant and not to pour too much water on the leaves will keep your snake plant standing tall. This plant is also good news for you because it makes quick work of purifying the air in your home and makes a noticeable difference in the homes of people with allergies and asthma.

3. Ginger

Ginger is an easy plant to get a hold of and utilize. Once in your home, ginger will surely make a wonderful addition. Besides smelling and looking great, ginger can greatly improve your physical health. Ginger is a plant with several uses: the most notable is tea, but ginger is also commonly used in food and herbal medicines. Ingested orally, ginger can purify your skin and detox your body.

4. Lavender

Lavender is a super cute plant! Besides smelling amazing and being literal plant potpourri, it also purifies the air and helps people with asthmatic issues. You can also distill lavender and make it into a facial mist (similar to rose water) because it is thought to have skin-soothing properties. Lavender is fairly easy to grow because it does not need soil that is too fancy, but it will need an abundance of light and close watch because lavender isn’t typically grown indoors. (But don’t let that deter you.) 

5. Spider Plant

A spider plant is an edible air-filtering plant that is super easy to take care of and not to mention just a great decorative piece for your home. Spider plants can be kept in or outdoors and respond well to bright indirect light and liberal watering all the way through whenever needed.


I hope this little guide has helped you determine if you want to buy any new plant babies! Love from Valdosta. 


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