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5 Favorite Things About Fall

Fall is my favorite time of year, and it is not just because of the holidays quickly approaching. The weather is beginning to cool down, and the leaves are falling as they change to red, orange and yellow. The colors and weather create such a lovely environment and just give a feeling that anything is possible. I have a number of reasons for loving fall, but I just narrowed it down to five for you gals.


1.    Wearing Plaid – I LOVE LOVE LOVE wearing plaid and pairing it with tights and a black or white t-shirt. The style is so simple, yet chic and comfy, and guaranteed to be cozy. 

2.    Staying Inside – Sometimes it is just too cold or rainy to go outside, and the guilt immediately goes away when you choose to stay in. I always use this time to curl up and read a book or take a nap.

3.    Fall Décor – The decor is so lovely around this time of year as everyone begins to gear up for the holidays. The colors black, white, brown, green, yellow and orange create such a welcoming feel.

4.    Hot Chocolate– During this time of year, there is nothing better than a cup of hot chocolate with a hint of peppermint and marshmallows. I always cozy up and enjoy a movie, while I enjoy the hot beverage.

5.    Treats– I definitely have a sweet tooth and have an obsession with fall-themed treats. Caramel apples are my favorite, and Rice Krispie treats decorated to look like candy corn are a close second. 

Happy Fall!


Tytianna Murphy

Valdosta '22

Tytianna is a sophomore, middle grades eduation major at Valdosta State University. She spends most of her free time watching Netflix and Youtube videos. She also enjoys 'rocking' out to music, especially when some of her favorite artists (Beyonce', Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, and Drake) are playing. Her favorite song/motto is "The Show Goes On" by Lupe Fiasco because it encourages her that no matter what the obstacle may be, she can and will get through it.
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