5 College Survival Tips

College is supposed to be a fun place where you'll meet new people and make all your life-long friendships. There are plenty of obstacles that facing college students. Some people don't get to make it to college and some people don't get past the first year. Here are some survival tips for making it through college. Live it up and to the fullest, but make sure you don't forget what college is all about!



You've paid lots of money to come to college, so you need to go to class. Your books are expensive, and why waste your money if you aren't going to class? You need to attend class to know what's going on and how to do your work. When you're in class, make sure that you take great notes. Also try to make friends to have study sessions with. This will keep you into your school work and stay on task in your classes.



Studying is a major key for all of your classes. If you don't study, you won't make the best grades. Once things are discussed in class, you should briefly go over them after class to keep the things you just learned on your mind. Also, spend at least an hour or more studying at night the same day to keep everything refreshed. Taking detailed notes will make studying easier. Whether you study at home, a friends house, or the library, studying is a PRIORITY!


Get involved in your campus and join organizations! You will meet new people, have events, bond and also do community service. This is a great way to keep yourself from getting bored or becoming anti-social. I highly encourage you to get involved. You don't have to be in lots of organizations, but at least get involved in one or two.



Parties may be the best highlights of your college experience! There may be parties every weekend, but you also have to prioritize when it comes to partying. You should always make sure that all of your work is done before partying. If it is not done, then I suggest you wait or miss out on partying and get your work done. Its okay to party and have fun, but just make sure that all the important stuff is done before you go out.


Networking is the best thing you can do when in college! Whether it be for music, school, entertainment, the industry, art, etc. there will always be another person that can help you in something that you didn't know how to do!



I hope you have all learned how to prioritize, make sure the important things are done before you party, and learn to network!