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5 Benefits to Taking Birth Control

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Valdosta chapter.

Birth Control is a helpful tool that many women use to prevent pregnancy. Although the main goal while taking birth control is to significantly reduce your chances of getting pregnant, not everyone knows that it can do more than just that. If you’re thinking about starting to use birth control, first consider all your options. Birth control comes in many different forms such as the patch which you change weekly, to the shot that protects you for six months and the basic everyday pill. Once you’ve made your decision, you’ll be happy to know that there are many more advantages to birth control than just birth control!

1. Predictable/Lighter Periods

When on birth control you are always completely in the know about when Aunt Flow should be returning. On some birth controls such as the shot, you don’t have to worry about a period at all. For many women this is the reason why they decide to get on birth control in the first place. Knowing when to expect your period can reduce a lot of the stress in your busy life.

2. Improving Acne

Many birth controls are known for helping with acne problems. If you have bad acne that you don’t know how to get under control, birth control may help. It has caused some women to go from problematic bumpy skin to completely flawless skin.

3. Weight Loss/Gain

It’s normal to sometimes have a desire to add on a few pounds or subtract some. Eating healthy and working out works wonders of course, but there are many birth controls known for a side effect of weight lost/gain. So depending on which you’re trying to accomplish you should really do research on the side effects of the birth control you’re considering and find out how it may help.

4. Breast Growth

Not everyone was blessed with breast size they would prefer, but there is hope for all of us in the itty bitty committee! This is a testimony I can stand by myself. When I got on the birth control patch my cup size nearly tripled. Something about the hormones in birth control can cause growth, especially in your breasts. Now if that isn’t a plus, I don’t know what is!

5. Bye Bye Horrible Cramps/Bloating

Suffering when it’s that time of the month because of the bloating and cramps is just unfair. Although painkillers and Midol help a lot, when taking birth control chances are these things won’t ever happen. Something in birth control decreases the amount of Prostaglandins (the thing that causes muscle contractions) your body makes and can cause cramps to be nothing more than memory.

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