5 Anime You Need To Watch This Fall Season

1. Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone centers on a modern world in which everyone is suddenly (and mysteriously) turned to stone by a green ray of light. Our protagonist, Senku Ishigami suddenly wakes up 3,700 years later, breaks out of his stone barrier mysteriously and uses his vast knowledge of science to create a revival fluid for those still encapsulated in stone. Senku then embarks on an adventure to one find out why everyone was turned to stone all those years ago, two free people from there previous stone encapsulation and three bring the world out of the stone age with his own kingdom of science. Overall this anime is still ongoing and has a magnificent plot and art style. I would definitely recommend it to many people just starting out with anime as it is very quickly becoming mainstream.

2. Hoshiai no Sora (Stars Align)

While most anime are based on a light novel or manga installment, Hoshiai no Sora is not the case. This completely original ongoing anime on the surface seems to be about the boy's soft tennis team who needs to win a finale tournament for tennis in the area in order to stay together and receive funding from the school board. However, as the anime progresses it also focuses on the life of the protagonist Maki Katsuragi who has constant run-ins with his abusive father and goes into various life issues each boy faces on the team as they become closer as friends. I also would recommend this anime for people who are not sure of or want to ease into sports anime.

3. Charlotte

Charlotte is a romance thriller anime that take place in a dystopian world in which some people mysteriously have powers. It focuses on the protagonist Yuu Otosaka who has the power to slip into people's minds for five seconds and constantly abuses this power in order to cheat on tests. While at first seemingly lighthearted, Charlotte explores the lives of these supernatural teenagers and the price that they must pay for their powers. I have to tell you the last episode of this anime is definitely a tearjerker (just not in the way you would think), and it leaves you begging for more. It's a great starter anime for those who enjoy romance and action and is currently complete with thirteen episodes.

4. Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon slayer)

While the demon slayer trope is often overused in anime, you won't regret taking the time to watch Kimetsu no Yaiba. The story centers around the protagonist Tanjirou Kamado who returns home one day after picking firewood to find nearly all of his family slaughtered! He is relieved to find his younger sister alive and quite surprised after realizing she has been turned into a demon. Tanjiro embarks on a journey to find the demon who killed his family and turn his sister back into a human. The twenty-six episode season is complete and expecting a continuation movie next year!!!

5. Tsurune

"Tsurune" is the Japanese word to explain the sound a bow makes when an arrow is shot. Tsurune centers around the story of Minato Naurmiya an accomplished archer on his middle school team who suddenly acquires target panic (intense anxiety and shakey hands when about to release the arrow from the bow). After his team loses the finals Minato blames himself and quits archery. This is the story of Minato's journey getting back into archery, facing his fears and realizing why he loves the sport so much in the first place. I cannot tell you enough why Tsurune is so much more than your typical sports anime. It focuses much more on how the main character overcomes his anxiety to do something he truly loves, and it will bring you to tears.

You can watch all these anime on the following sites: Chia. anime, Crunchyroll, kiss anime, etc...