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5 Alternative & Cute Places to Shop

Tired of those basic and ordinary clothing stores ladies of our age are expected to shop? Yeah, me too. Looking for something not only unique and fashionable, but also generally unknown to many? Here are some online clothing, accessory and shoe stores that I shop at that’ll be sure to make heads turn and people wonder!

1. Supershop 24 HRS

This store includes clothing like nothing you’ve ever seen. From fruit print leggings to metallic “space cadet” dresses, you will be sure to find something you’ll never catch any other girls in.


This online shop includes everything from furry sweaters to unicorn backpacks. Do you like the idea of holographic bucket hats and the “Burn Book” from Mean Girls socks? Well, then this is the perfect place for you. It is also a great place for funky gifts such as emoji pillows.

3. Miracle Eye

Miracle Eye is my favorite place to shop for real vintage clothing. Most stores do nothing more than imitate vintage clothing and barely succeed at making it look authentic. Miracle Eye prides themselves in finding rare vintage clothing, restoring it and selling it online for someone new to love.

4.  Dolls Kill

Dolls Kill is my favorite store to shop at. This store features many Look Books and everything you could possibly want for whatever look you’re going for such as “Coachella Done Wright” and “Hard Summer Night”. This store believes in celebrating rebellion and going against the industry’s “norm.”

5.  Omighty

Last but not least, the final store I’d like to show you guys is Omighty, and mighty yes it is. From Kanye printed underwear to Drake printed t-shirts, this store is not only unusual but funky as well. They sell everything from lingerie, to phone cases, to hats they call “Head Jobs”. You’ll find things you haven’t seen since your childhood such as Lisa Frank and Gumby. It truly is “kewl” and “cutsie.”


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