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4 Reasons Women Hate Catcalling

When a guy sees a random girl he finds attractive he looks for various ways to grab her attention. Some may be a bit impulsive and not quite the right way to get her attention. Things such as, “hey girl” , “come here girl”, “ hey sexy” , etc. They may think that we find that attractive, but it’s really quite the opposite. Women as a whole find the whole cat calling a tad bit offensive and degrading. It is most definitely a turn off if you ask me.  Many guys think we’re flattered because of the attention we’re getting from them, but that is not the type of attention we want to attract. Here are some reasons women hate catcalling and find it offensive.

It is degrading

Catcalling in my opinion is objectifying and degrading. Men who catcalls completely disregard the feeling of the women he’s shouting out to.

We feel like a piece of meat

When two dogs see a piece of meat they immediately go after it fighting to get it. This is the same thing men do to women when catcalling, they call out to them as if they’re a piece of meat.

 We don’t feel special

Women like to feel special, we like for men to compliment us in an appropriate matter. When  they do not have the decency to approach us like a man should, it becomes impersonal.

We feel awkward/ uncomfortable

Catcalling is very awkward  and uncomfortable to women. Many times we do not know how  to respond, and when we decide to take the high road and not say anything, those compliments result in name calling.


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