4 Reasons Why You Should Support Small Local Businesses

There are people in the community who have started their own business whether its doing or selling hair, doing makeup, opening up a restaurant, selling clothes for their brands, etc. Many people have started their own business to get more income and also turn something that they are very passionate about into a career. These people put hard work and dedication into their business just like big companies do! These businesses really love when people in the community support them in building their brands. Here are some reasons why you should support small businesses.

1. Customer Service

The team within a small business will always be more advanced and stronger. They will come together to give the greatest and strongest customer service that even big businesses can't give. For it to be small, this team has to work together to be giving the best customer service whether it is having to drop something off to a customer who has received the wrong order or even sometimes more flexibility within their company policies. A small business is more structured on being different than others and in return to get the same amount of respect as a big business would.

2. Value

The most important thing a small business can do is value their customers. Being a small local business, you can cater more to the community that you are in by providing things that they want and need to buy from in your store. That will bring more people in your community to your store rather than others and it will bring you more money if you have something different in your store than the other ones.

3. Giving back to the community

Small businesses are more than likely the ones who give back to the community. It can be hoidays and maybe even just an ordinary day that they feel the need to give back as in discounts or great sales, giveaways, helping one another in the community, a donation drive, a mini carnival and many other things one can think of just to give back in the community. It can be for college students, military, seniors, and many others. This may be one of the greatest thing a small business can do which is give back to many people in need which will bring along lots of people to support your business.

4. Saves you money

Shopping at a small local business can save you lots of money. They give lots of coupons/ discounts out more than normal store to help you to save money. Small local businessed prices are alot cheaper than a big businesses price. For instance, a Michael Kors purse maybe $400 or even more but now you can go into a TjMaxx, Marshalls, or Ross store and get the same purse that you saw in a Michale Kors store for for maybe $200 or less. Shopping at your local store may be one of the best things to come out and your best bet. They save you on buying the high priced things so you can get them for a cheaper price. 

Have you shopped at your local small business in your area? If not, look some stores up and go out a support!