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4 Reasons to Stop Procrastinating

We all have our lazy “Maybe tomorrow” days when we put our assignments to the side from time to time. It is very normal and common for us to see an easy assignment and no matter how it is or how short it may take to do it; we still don’t do it. Even if we came on the computer just to do work. Hell, I know I have those days about 6 days out the week.. LOL! Well why not? Some may want too just chill for the day, or have fun at that moment. Once you see the assignment(s) and actually have the time, do it.

1.       You’ll feel relieved

If you learn that doing work is an accomplishment, procrastination will be no more, or at least not as often. You will see a smile on your face after getting up from the computer or desk knowing you’re done for the day, week, or even the rest of the month depending on how much you decide to do, and now all of that time is yours to all enjoy. You will have a peace of mind knowing something important is taken care of.

2.       You won’t have to rush

You and your friends are out having fun. Something reminded you that you had a paper due today. Instead of having to leave or stop what you’re doing, and rush to get your assignment done and turn it in, you will be able to continue to enjoy your time.

3.       You’ll have more time for error

Doing your homework prior to the date, the earlier you do it, the more time it gives you to correct it. Often times we don’t notice our tiny imperfections in your assignment until we’ve read it maybe the second time, or after our brain has gotten a rest from the assignment you can read in a different perspective. You can go back and actually change your errors. And let’s not forget sometimes computer acts up and sometimes even the website, and that can delay our work.

4.       Gives you more time

Whether you are doing an assignment as simple as “Biography” or a longer assignment, it’ll give you more time. You can finish this simple paper, and then you’ll have more time to work on any other assignment you may have, the longer and harder assignments. Or if you are doing a longer assignment, you can break it up by doing little by little each day or every other day because you may not want to do it all in one day, so you can stretch it out and you’ll have plenty of time to do so. We will get better at time managing our work assignments and not stress ourselves with having to do about five or six things all in one day. You could master planning out your work better and only have a few or maybe even one at a time.


Saabirah Breneus attends Valdosta State University. She is a junior majoring in mass media with hopes to become a new anchor. Saabirah is from Boston, MA but now lives in Jonesboro, GA. She is an amazing dancer, who also enjoys writing and telling stories very much. Saabirah loves being center of attention with all eyes on her.
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