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4 Ideas To Turn Your Room Into a Zen Sanctuary

Homebodies, this one is for you.  Nothing makes you look forward to returning home more than knowing there’s a safe refuge amongst those four walls. Your room is your personal haven and should reflect that. Get your Zen sanctuary started with 4 ideas! 

1. Candles

Glades are convenient, but why not aim for a classier ambiance? Candles aren’t just for setting the mood. Studies show that candlelight promotes focus. The lighting creates gentle shadows and angles making it easier to concentrate. Scented candles are especially helpful. Smell is our most powerful of the 5 senses and certain smells have been connected to attaining a better memory. So when the times comes to sit down and study, make sure you’ve got one that smells good burning.

2. Minimal Color Way 

Color is fun. It’s expressive and it adds personality, but too much of a good thing can be bad. Minimalist colors are calming and create a peaceful atmosphere. So instead of having too many busy prints and bold hues, go for a neutral decor with subtle patterns and 1 or 2 pops of color.

3. Noiseless Stowaways

What’s under your bed? Do you even know? It’s time to stop kicking your shoes off and sweeping them under the bed and time to start investing in stowaway space that’ll make clean up days easier and life a lot less stressful. Ikea has great pieces that are as low as $20 and so easy to put together you can do it yourself. 

4. Wall Art

Bare walls are boring and can take a toll on your mood. You want your room to reflect who you are so it should be personal. Take this as an opportunity to make use of your D.I.Y Pinterest board by creating picture collages and handwritten motivational quotes with a color pop or create an accent wall as a focal point. Try pinning a tribal print blanket along one wall.


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