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4 Hair Oils Every Natural Girl Should Def Know About

Naturalistas: are you tired of having dry, dull hair?

Want your curls and locks to “pop”? It is very important that we incorporate oils into our natural hair regimens. Oils have many vitamins and nutrients that are very healthy for our hair. As you all know, natural hair tends to be very dry and brittle; however, oils are the solution to that problem! Being college students, it may be hard to get access to natural hair products, but all of these oils can be found in Walmart!

1. Coconut Oil (my personal favorite!)

· Prevents dandruff

· Prevents damage

· Thickens hair

· Strengthens hair

· Promotes hair growth

2. Avocado Oil

· Great for moisturizing

· Good deep conditioner

· Improves hair strength

· Adds shine to dull hair

3. Castor Oil

· Thickens hair

· Promotes hair growth

· Moisturizes dry hair

· Reduces split ends

· Tames frizz

· Prevents thinning

4. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

· Moisturizes dry hair

· Great for deep conditioners

· Strengthens hair

· Eliminates dandruff

· Fights shedding

All of these oils are great and will add luster and shine to your dull locks! 

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