3 Ways To Show Appreciation To Your Friend

As we get older we tend to get overly consumed with building a strong solid foundation for for our selves.  We’re no longer focused on going out to parties and having a great time, instead we’re focused on our future. While its important to remain focused on building a foundation for your future, its also important not to neglect your friends because they're the people who supported you through your journey.Its so easy to become so consumed and wrapped up in what you're doing. That you forget about the people who remained on the ride with you through all of your endeavors. You don’t necessarily have to spend every waking moment with them, you just have to show them that they are indeed appreciated.

1. Lunch dates

Even though you may be busy, its important to still make and find time for your friend. Setting different lunch and dinner dates is a perfect way to stay connected. I mean at some point you’re both going to have to eat so, why not do it together.

2. Keep them involved

No matter what you may be doing make sure you keep your friends involved. Don't assume that they do not want to attend or be involved in certain things. Always ask them and keep them in the loop.


3. Voicing your appreciation

We all love to feel appreciated , by simply voicing your opinion and stating that you appreciate them means a lot!