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3 Ways to Help Tattoos Hurt Less

Getting a tattoo is such an exciting experience. Picking out your design, finding the perfect artist and finally getting a permanent piece of art for yours to keep is a unique feeling that only people with tattoos will understand. But with beauty comes pain, and it’s a universal fact that tattoos hurt. The pain varies, but it’s always there. Here are three ways to ease that pain. 

1. Drink Water

Drinking water will help you stay hydrated while you sit for your tattoo. This will help keep moisture in the skin, making it a whole lot easier for your tattoo artists to do their best work. Many tattoo artists suggest not to drink alcohol the day before or the day of your session since alcohol is a blood thinner and can cause severe bleeding. 

2. Distract Yourself

The noise of the tattoo gun and the pain from the act of tattooing can be overwhelming. Listening to music, talking or watching television can help take your mind off the pain; and going to the tattoo shop with some buddies can reduce any anxiety you may experience. Distracting yourself can help you achieve “zen” and cause the feeling to go away (slightly). 

3.  Take Breaks

If the pain is too much for you, taking breaks is the next move. Sometimes tattoos may take a few hours to finish. Stretching your legs, walking around, using the restroom or stopping for a breather can help the pain go away temporarily. BUT…taking too many breaks can make the tattooing session excruciatingly long. Tattoos can be draining, so taking a break now and then is entirely reasonable. 

Tattoos might hurt, but in the end, its worth it! I hope these tips help you have a less painful session. Happy tattooing! 


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