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Anna Schultz-Friends Putting Make Up In Front Of Mirror
Anna Schultz-Friends Putting Make Up In Front Of Mirror
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3 Things I Want you to Do Next Time You Look in the Mirror

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Valdosta chapter.

I looked in the mirror, and I wasn’t happy. I was in the best shape of my life, dedicating hours and hours to the gym. My refrigerator resembled that of a produce section. I was eating cleaner than ever. Yet every time I looked at my body, I wasn’t happy. I nitpicked every tiny piece of fat. I regretted everything I put in my mouth that wasn’t completely healthy or had even one gram of sugar in it. I suddenly realized I wasn’t just going to eat better or go to the gym more and be happy with my body. I had developed a toxic body image. And it didn’t stop with my figure. I was constantly displeased with my skin, upset with my hair and worried about my looks. It was time for a makeover — and not an appearance one. My mindset needed a complete makeover. While it takes time and patience to transform your life, I want to give you three recommendations you can start today that can help you change the way you view, love and treat yourself for the better.

1. Stop looking at yourself so damn close in the mirror. 

I can’t tell you the number of times I got a pimple, stood 2.3 millimeters from the mirror and stared incessantly at my skin, horrified at every tiny blemish. Or stood closer to a mirror than any normal person would ever stand next to me pinching lower belly fat or attempting to suck in anything I was displeased with. No one is standing that close to you. If someone is having sex with you, the last thing they are worried about is a small blemish on your skin. Take a step back, literally and figuratively. See yourself in your entirety, don’t close up or zoom in. You are beautiful.

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2. Compliment yourself.

The only person you can always get a hold of is yourself, and the only person you can never escape is yourself. On a day where you are feeling on top of the world, write a list of everything you like about yourself, everything you are good at and every kind thing you have done for the world. On those days when you are unhappy with everything you see in the mirror, pull out your list. Look yourself in the eyes in a mirror and read it out loud. Get comfortable giving yourself compliments. The world will give you enough enemies, it’s time to be your own ally.

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3. Toxic People: “It’s YOU not me”

If someone in your life puts you down, makes you feel comfortable, makes you question your worth, points out your insecurities or makes you feel down about yourself in any way, they are toxic waste and should be disposed of as such. Don’t allow people into your life that make you question your worth. Their cruel behavior says nothing about you and says everything about them. Surround yourself with positive people who love you, believe in you and remind you of your true worth.



Julia Harris

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