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3 Things To Get You In the Spirit of Christmas

Finals and this flip floppy Valdosta weather has you in such a funk. You’re constantly questioning is it really almost Christmas, and all you want is cool air to help you get into the Christmas spirit. Not sure of how to get in the holiday spirit? Well keep reading to learn my three ways to get into the Christmas spirit no matter where you are.

1.      Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree always brings me joy. The smell of the fresh pine makes me smile throughout the entire holiday season. The ways you can decorate your tree are endless. From DIY charms to extravagant ornaments. Get you a fresh Christmas tree and you will immediately feel the holiday spirit.


2.      Christmas Music

I don’t know about you, but whenever I hear ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ I immediately begin to dance no matter where I am. I mostly enjoy the old school Christmas music like from the Temptations. Regardless of your musical taste, get you a Christmas playlist and you are sure to be in the holiday spirit no matter where you go.


3.      Lights

You know the feeling you get when you drive past someone’s house with all the extravagant light displays, including the Nativity scene? It is all those lights that tend to just warm everyone’s hearts and lighten the mood.


Hillary Griffin is a Business Marketing major and Advertising and Promotions minor at Valdosta State University. She is a 4'11, natural haired girl with a love for all things makeup. Experiencing life the right way is her main goal in life.
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