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Everyone has those days where you wake up and feel good about everything until your insecurities and difficult situations hit you. It could be a lot of homework due at once, a terrible breakup, or something small like being homesick could ruin your day. You felt as if life is to difficult, and there isn’t an answer to your problem. Trust me; you’re not the only one. Music has always been a way to escape the difficult times and boost your ego to get you through the day. I have listened to these three songs from personal situations to jump over obstacles with full confidence for the rest of the day. I hope you listen and enjoy the songs

Keep Ya Head up By 2Pac.


  •  2pac was a famous rapper known for motivating people and elaborating on the hard times in the world. In this specific song, he talks about how no matter what you go through, the days get easier. As long as you live to see the next day, you’re blessed.  He talks strongly about women and how powerful we are, even though we are belittled. The hook says, ” Ooo child things are gonna get easier, Ooo child things are gonna get brighter.” In better words, there’s gold at the end of the rainbow; you have to believe and keep going.
  • “But please don’t cry, dry your eyes, never let up. Forgive, but don’t forget, girl, keep ya head up.”

Crooked Smile By J.Cole


  • J. Cole is also a rapper that talks about the rough patches in his life. This is my personal favorite! This song talks about being different is what makes you unique. My favorite lyric is, “Now is it real? Eyebrows, fingernails, hair. Is it real? If it’s not, girl, you don’t care cause what’s real it’s something that the eyes can’t see, the hands can’t touch, them broads can’t be, and That’s you.” He specifies how it doesn’t matter how people view you on the outside; it’s about what’s within
  • “Take it from a man and love what you got and baby girl, you a star, don’t let’em tell you you’re not.”

Irreplaceable By Beyonce

Getting over a breakup

  • Beyonce is an R&B singer. There’s not much to say because R & B singers most likely talk about love or getting your heartbroken, but she talks about moving on after heartbreak in this song. She talks about breaking up with her boyfriend, but instead of feeling down, she reminds herself about how important she is, and guys come and go. She says, ” I can have another you in a minute. Matter of fact, he’ll be here in a minute.” Ladies, you have to know your worth. Yes, after loving someone deeply to not being with them at all is hard to get over. You have to understand that there are more fish in the sea.
  • “Baby, I won’t shed a tear for you. I won’t lose a wink of sleep cause the truth of the matter is, replacing you is so easy.”

Simone Hill

Valdosta '23

Simone Hill is a sophomore at Valdosta State, majoring in Communication Disorder and minoring in Psychology. Her goal is to work in a school system as a Speech Pathologist or a counselor, but she loves to sit back and watch Netflix and draw in her spare time. She also loves to design and paint stuff in her room. "A creative mind never sleeps," a quote by an anonymous author.
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