3 Piscean Qualities We Can All Embrace

Pisces season starts February 19, and I'm so effing ready to be back in my feels (and to turn 21 of course)! As a Pisces, I thrive when I'm in touch with my emotions, and this latest Aquarius season has had me feeling a whole bunch of nothing. It is time to face the difficult situations and relationship issues I have robotically navigated these past months and to feel all the pain, confusion, fear, hate, and love necessary to truly move on. 

Regardless of your sign, you may be feeling barred from your emotions as well and be ready to dive into the depths of self-discovery this Pisces season. Here are three Piscean qualities we can all embrace to get back in touch with ourselves.

1. Introspective

Pisces may be one of the most mysterious signs, but us Pisces ladies spend a great deal of time getting to know ourselves. We don't just want to know what our music or style preferences are either; we want to know everything. Pisces dive past the superficial and are extremely self-aware. 

Spend some alone time this Pisces season journaling or just sitting with your thoughts. Analyze the meaning behind your actions and reactions. Think about the best parts of your day and what made them so good. Do the same with the worst parts. All of this self-reflection will help you understand why you fall into certain patterns or why certain situations make you feel good or bad. 

2. Overly-Trusting

Okay, let me explain. As I and many other Pisces can attest, we have gotten into some pretty heartbreaking situations by putting too much faith into other people. Our trusting nature is innocent at first but can leave us looking like fools in the end. Why don't we put a little of this trust into ourselves for a change though?

Pisces season is all about diving deep, so let's tackle that project we've been dreaming of for weeks or apply for that job we said was out of our league. This is your time to shine; don't let self-doubt get in the way any longer!

3. Artistic

With all of this introspection and self-confidence under your belt, you're ready to start creating. Creating art of any form is one of Pisces' favorite things to do. The rush of energy Pisces receive after creating something new, something that was not here before her, is exhilarating. 

This art could be a Youtube video, painting, dance, poem...you name it! This Pisces season, ask yourself what you want to create. Not for a grade or a class, but for you.

Rock on Pisces and let those feelings flow! And let us all get to know ourselves more, trust ourselves more, and create for ourselves more this Pisces season.