3 Healthy Energy Boosters

Finals week is here and the hours and hours of studying are here as well. Instead of constantly drinking caffeine and sugar filled beverages , here are three healthy alternatives to keep you going!

1. Almonds

Packed with lots of Vitamin E, a small serving can give you the energy you need! Not only is it a great energy booster but it also helps your immune system and can help relieve stress.

2. Coconut Water

This drink is a low calorie energy booster. It is somewhat similar to water but has a light refreshing taste, is low fat, and hydrating. It not only helps with energy but also is beneficial for skin and horrible hangovers. Be sure to check labels for 100% pure coconut water!

3. Fresh Fruits

Packed with water (which helps keep you hydrated) fresh fruits, like oranges, are not only healthy but help with energy as well.