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3 Better Ways to Shave

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Valdosta chapter.

Everyone knows that carefree feeling and confidence we feel right after we shave. Of course, shaving is essential for us ladies, but it can also be sooo time consuming. Nevertheless, it’s something that must be done! We love to see our smooth skin after a fresh shave, but sometimes the pains that come along with it makes us regret we did it in the first place.


Check out a few ways to change your traditional shaving experience into something a little better:


1.       Shaving Cream Gel

A lot of people get by using their soap as shaving cream to lather up before they shave. Try some real shaving cream and watch the difference it can make for your skin. The foam in shaving cream helps your hair stand up against the razor so that you can prevent those razor bumps and ingrown hairs!


2.       Baby Oil

I personally use baby oil before and after I shave. During the summer when I shave every couple of days, using baby oil and prevents friction between your skin and the razor. This is a perfect hack for people with sensitive skin! After shaving, I usually never need to follow up with lotion; the oil makes my skin super smooth. Give it a try!


3.       Hair Conditioner

This home remedy may be new or old to some, but hair conditioner will make the razor glide over your skin amazingly! For people who have problems with little cuts and nicks while shaving, conditioner may be your life saver.

For the bikini area, let the conditioner sit on the hair you want to shave for a few minutes for a flawless shave. Ladies with more coarse hair should let the conditioner stay a little longer.  Conditioner is gentler for the bikini area than shave gels and creams.


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