23 Things to Know before You Turn 23

So it's your birthday, and you just turned 23. No big deal, right? Huge deal. Random people ask you how old you are and then act as if you're the only person on the planet. You also feel the need more than ever to stop acting like a child. Here are 23 things you should know before turning 23.

1. God loves you.

He truly does. When you seek God, he will never let you down.

2. It's okay to Church hop.

As you move on with your life, do not feel pressured to find a church right away. Make sure it is the one for you.

3. Some men are trash.

Never set expectations for any guy. However at the same time, know your worth.

4. Have protected sex.

Use condoms and birth control to prevent unwanted pregnancies. 

5. It's okay to stay celibate until marriage.

Saving yourself for marriage is the safest thing you can do in my opinion.

6. Get tested often.

If you are sexually active, make sure to get tested before and after intercourse. If you are saving yourself for marriage, it's still important to go to the gynecologist.

7. Get a pap smear. 

They can be painful, but they are so necessary.

8. Taking time for yourself is vital.

Being social is great and all, but your body deserves time to recharge.

9. Self Care is important.

Take care of yourself, your body needs to be pampered.

10. You do not have to eat out.

You have food at home.

11. It's okay to say NO.

Most of us have FOMO (fear of missing out). However, realize that it is indeed okay to tell your friends, "Another day. Rain Check, Please!"

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12. For the Love of Pete: DRINK WATER!

Drinking water consistently is a natural body detox.

13. Exercise!

This is one of those things where it's easier said than done, but this can be as easy as taking a small walk outside after dinner. Be active in any way you can.

14. Drinking plant-based milk is the new style.

Oat milk, almond milk and even coconut milk. Avoid cow milk as much as possible.

15. Family Matters.

You may be at the point that you do not want to let your family know anything that is going on in your life. However, when moving away or possibly starting your new job, your Mom or whoever will be your best friend.

16. You still have time.

Comparison is truly the theft of joy. Never compare your life to others, because in the end, its your life. Live it to the fullest.

17. Read and Write.

This can be quite difficult with our busy schedules and work. However anytime you can, just pick up a book and read. Write journal entries, devotions. Any and Everything.

18. Make new memories.

If you find yourself missing past adventures you had, it's time to make new adventures. Never dwell on the past. "Yesterday was history. Tomorrow is a mystery, but Today is Gift, that why it's called the present."

19. If it's meant to be, it'll be.

Say if you meet a guy who fits all of the qualities you desire in a guy, but he moves away. If it's meant to be, you will be together. God knows what He's doing.

20. Kindness goes a long way.

Being kind reduces stress, helps you live longer, eases anxiety and is good for your heart. Have courage and be kind.

21. Money Management.

You should have at least $500 in your savings account.  It can be as small as saving $20 every week. Do not eat out every day. Shop on a budget.

22. Wear your smile like it's your favorite piece of jewelry.

Smiling can warm someone's heart. Smiling is one of the best ways to start conversations when meeting new friends or even "the one". Wear your best smile everyday. You'll make yourself feel wonderful.

23. Pray!

This is a big one, so I saved it for last. Prayer is such a powerful tool that God granted us with. Pray consistently, continuously and with true intentions.

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