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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Valdosta chapter.

Over time, the growth of the world has led people to create defining features for themselves; more than the innate, superficial characteristics. Clothing, makeup, and accessories are a few examples of what helps others to thrive in today’s culture. These objects, though minuscule, allow people the opportunity to display their bold personalities or even bolder statements, and feel confident doing so. However, if someone were yearning for a more permanent aspect to their character, tattoos are a brilliant way to leave a mark on their skin while also making a mark on the world. Tattoos can hold infinite meanings for the person who receives them and those who catch glimpse of the ink. Not every tattoo must be too extravagant or too simple, too artistic or too underplayed. Additionally, this form of body art can reveal as much about somebody’s personality as well as their beliefs. Today’s belief this list of tattoos feature is feminism. 

For those who are questioning their commitment to a tattoo, your woes are understandable. Luckily, tattoos can range from different sizes, colors, styles, etc. And, if you are lucky, the artist will cater to your every want and need. It is your body, after all. If you are attracted to ink but want to keep your inner-activist subtle, here are a few ideas:

1.    The Drink of Champions


2.    For the Hero in You


3.    One to Pride Yourself On


4.    In Case it Wasn’t Clear


5.    Be A Walking Definition


6.    Tiny, but Tough


While the pieces listed above were fierce in their itty-bitty ways, some people might want a splash of color or a bit bolder way of presenting themselves. If this is what you are aiming for, these next tattoos are right up your alley:

7.    Knock ‘Em Dead


8.    Use Your Resources


9.    Foods Before Dudes, Am I Right?


10.    Dress with Confidence


11.    To Put It Simply


12.    Need I Say More?


13.    Wait Until You See It…


If the last tattoos failed to speak to you, maybe it is because some were lacking the right words. And often, most people choose those over actions—or in this case, illustrations. The following tattoos are for women who want to speak their mind and mean it. 

14.    STRONG


15.    Words to Live By


16.    A Daily Reminder


17.    Remember Your Roots


18.    Share Your Story with Just Two Words


19.    Or, Even Less Than That


20.    To Be Blunt


21.    In Case They Still Miss the Point



Whether or not this makes you eager to ink your body, there are countless ways to make your thoughts on women’s rights clear. Apparel, marches, your voice, or even a simple button should work just as well. But for those who want to make their stance on the matter permanent, don’t be afraid of what is going on your skin. Because that is who it belongs to, and the choice is always one hundred percent yours. 


Demi Lotz

Valdosta '24

VSU Freshman who loves writing, animals, and Italian food!
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