20 Insiders Only Real "Friends" Fans Would Know

Friends is one of the greatest sitcoms of all time and this is not up for debate. The show is hilarious and highly relatable, and we can definitely consider the six of them “squad goals.” Let’s see if you’re a true fan! Here are 20 insiders from Friends that only real fans would understand!

1. "He's her lobster!"

2. "We were on a break!"

3. We all know what this meant..

4. The duck and the chick!

5. Chandler's room door..

6. Ross's divorce record, yikes!

7. Ugly naked guy!

8. "I'm having my brother's babies!"

9. Gunther's feelings for Rachel..

10. Rachel's nose job & Monica's weight..

11. The routine!

12. How you doing?

13. Seven...seven...seven..

14. When everyone knows!

15. Phoebe's infamous song..

16. Moving furniture with Ross..

17. We can't forget about Janice..

18. When Ross meant to say Emily!

19. Monica's cleanliness..

20. When Phoebe changed her name..

How well do you know the show? HCXO!