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16 Things College Students are Afraid of

1. Telling our parents we need money

We let ‘em think we’re balling.


2. Checking our bank account…

3. …or grades…

4. …or fridge

There usually isn’t much promise in any of those things.


5. Eating our friend’s cooking for the first time

Eh…it wasn’t so bad.


6. Telling our roommates when we don’t like something they do

I mean, ‘cause they kind of know where we sleep.


7. Telling our parents about our bad grades

Basically, we’re still afraid of our parents.


8. Failing a test…

9. …and finding out everyone else passed it



10. Losing friends

We’re growing. It happens.


11. Getting a flat tire

How do you fix one of those, anyway?


12. Getting too drunk

No one wants to be the talk of the party for all the wrong reasons.


13. Accidentally sending a drunk text

This could be bad. Really, really bad.


14. Getting a DUI

For obvi reasons.


15. Seeing a gynecologist 

Even though we really should!


16. Being on our own

The real world is right around the corner, folks.

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