15 Animes to watch when you're tired of TV

15. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul is about a human fighting to fit into a world a very literally dog-eat-dog world that he was unaware existed until he was suddenly thrust into that world. It's not my favorite, by far, because of how they did the main character in season 3, but the first two seasons are to die for. They are full of suspense and gore. There are wonderfully bloody fight scenes and amazing character development. It's definitely worth a watch.

14. Death Note

Death Note was a very good mystery type anime. It keeps you gripped the whole time with the main character's god complex and the unfamiliarity with the rules of the all-powerful object that lands in his possession. It's a very methodical show, and it really makes you think. There's a little gore but not nearly as much as some of the other shows on this list. The second season starts off slow, but its steady from there. The pacing of the show is pretty slow, but if you're willing to sit through, they're amazing.

13. Ouran Host Club

This show is so dang cute! The main character is admitted to a preppy rich school, and while in the school she shatters a priceless vase owned by the Host club at her school. The boys of the host club believe she is a guy as well and they admit her as a host. It's super cute and unfortunately slightly transphobic, but take it for what it is.

12. Blue Exorcist

It's a very good anime through and through. The feisty main character doesn't fit in anywhere because he is the son of Satan. However, he hates his father and to take down both Satan and hell. It keeps your attention from beginning to end and has some great character design and fight scenes. 

11. High School DxD

The show is super sexual and if anyone catches you watching it they'll assume it's hentai, but I promise it's hilarious. It's guaranteed to give you a laugh, and the plot is amazing. It's basically about a three-way war between angels, fallen angels, and devils. The main character's powers are driven by arousal, and if the comedic nature of the show doesn't get you laughing the dialogue sure will.

10. Attack on Titan

Full of gore and drama! The main character is full of passion and drive after being exposed to tragedy. The first time I watched this show through I felt a lot of emotion and often yelled at my TV. Make sure you get someone to watch it with you because you'll want someone to talk about this to. The show has twists and turns at every corner and is chalk full of action!

9. Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail is a fantasy type anime that focuses on wizards and wizard guilds. The episodes are short but delightful, and they are very, very, interesting. It's definitely worth a watch. There is a wonderful story to unfold, so have at it!

8. Seven Deadly Sins

The show is super cute and lots of fun to keep up with. The characters are funny and vary widely. It's not my favorite, but worth a watch when you're bored. I'm pretty sure it's a Netflix original, and the third season just came out, so I'm excited to watch.

7. Future Diary

This show can be pretty confusing when watching it from the beginning so pay close attention to everything. The concept the writers came up with this anime is very unique. The show is very gory and full of suspense. Plus one of the main characters is a psycho, and that's always a good sign in anime.

6. Kakegurui

Another Netflix Original! This is a very good watch. It's a show about a high school run on a betting system and the new student that puts the students on their toes.

5. Assassination Classroom

I am currently watching this anime and it's really good. The pacing is kinda slow, but the show is really sweet and goofy. It's basically about a deadly alien who is teaching a remedial class that also has to kill him.

4. My hero academia

One of my all time favorites! It's super cute and full of character development. In a world full of superheroes the next number one hero may be a boy with no powers at all. This is a classic underdog story, and lead character Midoriya pulls you into his world and makes you want his success.

3. Black Clover

This is one of my favorites as well. Another underdog story, if you can't tell those are my favorites! But, basically two orphans get dropped off at a church and they both want to be number one. Which brother is going to get there first. I've heard many compare it to Naruto, but my hero academia has its own appeal. The main character never gives up and only has eyes for one lady. What else could you want in a man?

2. Toradora!

Now, this show hit me really hard in my feels, I cried a couple times watching it. It has a lot of sheer emotion, and character development, which if you can't tell is very important in a good anime. It takes place in a regular school but is about teens coming to terms with their emotions.


This is my favorite anime, it's super cute, and the main character is very lovable. The whole show is a battle between the forces of good and evil, and the main character, Aladdin, trying to figure out who he is.