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14 Ways To Tell If Your Best Friend Is Truly Your Best Friend

Having a best friend is like hitting the lottery. I mean, really, let’s face it: best friends are hard to come by. There’s a one in a million chance that you’ll find someone who can make you laugh with little effort, appreciate you for who you are, and have your back no matter what, all at the same time. Here are some ways to know if you have hit the best friend jackpot!


1. You are both weird together

There’s no judgment involved.


2. You both are very much in sync

She can easily finish your sentence or drive thru order.


3. She’s hilarious

What’s a best friend without a sense of humor, anyway? Um, not a best friend.


4. Su casa es su casa

What’s hers is yours…especially her food.

But no…really.


5. She’s not afraid to tell you when you’re wrong

Sugarcoating is a thing of the past.


6. She likes/comments on everything you post on social media

The comments often read along the lines of: “Baddie!” and a triplet of heart-eyed emojis. 


7. Her name pops up in your ‘recents’ call log more than the names of your family members…

…so much it’s almost scary.


8. Your problems become her problems

The solutions vary.


9. You’re miserable without her

Who told her she could have a life?


10. She’s your #1 ride or die

Need to go spy on your crush? She’s already outside with the car running.


11. She doesn’t mind telling someone off for you

No one is safe.


13. Errands with her turn into an all day thing

Sometimes you feel like you’ve been kidnapped.


12. She’s seen you at your worst

And she still thinks you can be a Victoria’s Secret model.


14.  You’re about to call her right now because 1-13 is true

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