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Deadpool 2 shows so much diversity and equality while simultaneously being one of the best superhero movies. It is a perfect representation of how a movie can be amazing and inclusive at the same time. 

WARNING: Spoilers alert. (I’ll try not to give too much away.)

12 Reasons why everyone needs to see Deadpool 2:

1)     One of the main characters is a plus size, teenage boy! (body positive and age inclusive!) Julian Dennison’s character (Firefist) even points out that plus size people are rarely represented as superheroes. 

2)     There is a bad-ass black German-American and her superpower is being lucky. Yes! Being lucky is her superpower and it is so cleverly done. Domino is played by Zazie Beetz (who is also known from FX’s Atlanta by Donald Glover). Again, minority inclusive and her character is so inspiring.

3)     There is a lesbian couple! (Let’s go LGBTQ+ community!) Deadpool makes many positive remarks towards the couple multiple times, stating how much he loves them together and how perfect they are for each other.

4)     Huge spoiler. Terry Crews is in the movie. (Automatically the best movie ever)

5)     An average middle-aged man with no superpowers was able to join the team of superheroes. You don’t need super strength or know how to control minds to be somebody’s hero.


6)     Speaking of superheroes, if you are a Marvel’s fan you will love all the references.

7)     I am a die-hard action movie lover. The action scenes in this movie are superb. My favorite action scene is between Colossus and Juggernaut (YES! JUGGERNAUT)

8)     Deadpool is constantly correcting himself when he uses the term ‘x-men’ to ‘x-person’ (Gender inclusive!) 

9)     The storyline is well thought out and heartfelt. Deadpool 2 has all the components to be the perfect movie; action, romance, suspense, humor, and tragedy all tastefully put together. Be prepared to experience a wide range of emotions while watching this movie.   

10)   Deadpool is quick to call out and shut down any type of subtle racism, such as cultural appropriation.

11)  Deadpool also admitted that every day would be a great day if it was International Women’s Day (Yes to promoting feminism and love!)

12)  Lastly, Deadpool doesn’t give a fuck about social or gender norms and is very sex-positive. He brings sex into casual conversation instead of treating it as if it taboo. He is very open and accepting of everything and everyone. 


This list doesn’t even include anything about the detailed dialog, underrated acting or bombass soundtrack. There is so much for everyone in the movie Deadpool 2, everyone should definitely experience it.

Myles is Junior at Valdosta State University and majors in Photojournalism and Sociology. Her plans after graduating is to become a photojournalist and some kind of therapist. She is passionate about art and literature and considers herself very down to earth.
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