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10 Ways To Enhance Your Self Love

Self love is so important for a young woman to have. Self love encompasses many things such as confidence, self care, self esteem, and self preservation that is needed for a healthy life. Let me explain. We as young women live in a world full of false ideals that create unrealistic expectations on women. Wear makeup because it makes you look prettier but don’t wear too much or you’ll look like a Barbie doll slut. Go ahead and show off your curves but don’t show too much or you will be seen as asking for it. Dream big because you can do anything you put your mind to but make sure to stay within the realm of femininity. Due to the ever growing popularity of the ideal body image, the extreme prevalence of makeup, and the large and impartial social media presence, us young women can become so consumed with pleasing what we are supposedly needing to aspire to. But ladies, what you need to understand is that you are your own person and are very unique. You are more than your body. Pleasing the needs of society will never be enough and you need to just be who you are and not what you are told to be. So for you to reevaluate who you are and reinvent yourself here are a few things that will enhance your self love.

1. Don’t shave

Shaving is a way for women to look good for others. Women have been brought up to shave to look more appealing and clean but body hair is natural.  By not shaving you can learn to feel good for yourself and not how society thinks you should. 



2. No makeup

Makeup is one way for women to feel beautiful. Of course there is nothing wrong with wearing makeup, but by not wearing makeup you can start to enjoy your natural features.



3. Look at yourself naked

Loving yourself means loving all of yourself and embracing your natural body. Your body is a temple, it is your power source. Your body has gotten you this far, so you should enjoy it. Embrace your stretch marks and rolls because they look good on you!



4. Masturbate

This is a great way to get really intimate with yourself and learn what you want and what you don’t. Your clitoris is your friend and she needs attention from time to time.



5. History

Learn how we as women have come this far and contributed to society. We would not be here without the women before us who fought for equality. Reading up on women’s history can help us get a better understanding of how we shaped our world.



6. Read books about empowering women

Don’t just love your body, love your mind as well. Sculpt confidence and passion in yourself by learning how women are making a difference in the world.



7. Attend a women’s conference

Attending a women’s conference can help you connect with other aspiring women. Learning from and relating to other women can inspire you to do big things.  



8. Say NO

Self preservation is so important. You do not need to give all of yourself to others, because the only person that can take care of you mentally and emotionally is YOU! Say no to people, it’s okay to be selfish so you can work on yourself.



9. Stay out of a relationship

The best way to get to know yourself is by being solely with yourself. Being in a relationship requires joint effort and can take away your “me time.” By being single you can put all of your effort into yourself, instead of your significant other.



10. Drink water

This is so important. Your body needs water so you can think better, stay hydrated, keep your skin clear, and nourish or blood and organs. Drink at most a gallon of water every day.


Try any of these tips to increase your self love and expand appreciation for yourself!

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