10 things for The Lit List

For any trip, you have to go out with a bang! Whether it's you and the girls or a weekend vacation with the squad, here are some to do lists to keep in mind and spice up your vacay! The Lit List can be in a jar or a notes section on your phone, as long as you get through most of the list by the end of the trip, you've made more than enough memories to last you a lifetime.


The Lit List: Spring Break Edition

1) Experience something new, preferably something you don't have at home

2) Meet 2 New People, one a foreigner 

3) Get a number

4) Try a new food

5) Go to a live music performance

6) Kiss a stranger

7) Take Lots of Pictures

8) Dance with a Stranger

9) Go to a fancy dinner, Wendy's 4for4 can wait.

10) Relax

Try to make a party Jar for your friend and family vacation trips. These tasks can help strengthen bonds, trust in each other, and can also help boring people loosen up! This spring break, go all out. Have fun, meet new people, and get out of your comfort zone.