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10 Things Every Girl Should Know About Her Vagina

Believe it or not, many women of all ages are clueless when it comes to their vaginas. Here are ten things you may or may not know about yours!

1. You do not urinate from your vagina. There are actually three holes down there. Pick up a mirror and get to know yourself!

2. You cannot be “revirginized.” In the words of Lyfe Jennings: “Baby, it’s a fact that once it’s gone, you’ll never get it back.” Any celibate ladies out there thinking about losing their virginity, be prepared to say farewell forever!

3. You can catch STDs even if you use condoms. Warts are caused by skin-to-skin contact. Be safe each and every time, including during oral sex!

4. All vaginas are different in size, shape, and appearance. The beauty of the vagina is its unique and varying nature. Embrace your vajayjay, and maybe spice it up even more with some vajazzles! (Totally kidding.)

5. How you decorate it is completely up to you. Whether you shave, wax or neither, do you girl. If you like triangles, go all out. It’s yours.

6. It doesn’t need to be douched. Vaginas are self-cleansing. They really don’t even need soap. Just water should suffice! Douches and perfumes down there are unnecessary and can cause unwanted mishaps.

7. Vaginal discharge varies widely. Like the vagina itself, vaginal discharge is different from person to person and from day to day. Unless you notice a foul odor or a change in color, there is no reason to panic!

8. Menstrual blood is supposed to clot. It may be a scary site to see, but clotting is actually a good thing! If you still have any concerns, a simple doctor’s visit will do the trick.

9. Vaginas only stretch during vaginal child birth. The vagina is elastic and will return back to its normal shape. No amount of sex or tampon usage will change its shape. Don’t believe the myths. (Guys swear they know everything, don’t they?)

10. Safe sex is good for you! Research has found that sex keeps your immune system healthy, increases your libido, helps us control our bladders, lowers blood pressure, lowers heart attack risk, improves sleep, reduces stress and is a really great form of exercise! 

And that was Vagina 101!

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