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10 Signs You Aren’t Ready for a Relationship

If most of us were asked if we were ready to be in a relationship, our answer may sound a little like “Hell yes!” But the reality of this question is that a lot of us like the idea of being in a relationship and aren’t really as prepared as we think to take on the responsibilities of one. Whether its because our best friend has been with her boyfriend forever, or the constant pictures of couples on social media, we all sometimes fall into the trap of believing we want to be in a relationship too. Although there’s nothing wrong with being with someone you like, you should ask yourself a few questions before to assure yourself of what you’re asking for. Here are a few signs I believe can show you if you’re really prepared for Mr.Right or even Mr.Not right now. 

1. You feel like you need someone to be happy. 

The worst thing you could do is feel like you’re unhappy unless you’re in a relationship. If you ever feel like this there’s probably an even more serious underlying problem. 

2. You want to save someone


Sometimes potential just shouldn’t be enough of a reason to want to be with someone. If you see someone who has potential and could use a little saving, perhaps they should stay where they are, 

3. You want someone to save you 

If you’re often a damsel in distress, a boyfriend wont help you. Its best you save yourself first. 

4. You want the cute Instagram pictures and Flipagrams. 

As horrible as it seems to see cute couples all over your social media timeline, no one ever sees the stress that lies beyond the pictures. 

5. You’re trying to be the person you think your crush would like. 


If you find yourself trying to change who you are to accomodate what you think your crush would like, he’s probably not the one. Being yourself will attract the right person thats meant for you.

6. You’re too busy.

Having a hectic schedule and being in a relationship can cause shifts between the couple. Sometimes its best to handle your business and when you find your stress easing up, to maybe try dating then. 

7. You’re unsure of your feelings

If you’re dating someone and you’re not sure if you could see a future with them, either it’s the wrong person or the wrong time. 

8. You’re always in a relationship

At some point in life, we all need to experience how it feels to be completely selfish. There’s nothing more draining than constantly jumping from one relationship to the next.

9. You still have ties to your ex. 

Unless the breakup was completely mature and there’s no hostility between you and your ex, having ties usually signifies remaining feelings for that person. This is horrible for those that are looking to move on and involve another person. 

10. You’re more focused on being in a relationship than trying to improve yourself. 

If you constantly find yourself worried about being in an relationship than self-improving, you are not ready for a relatipnship. The right person will come to you when its meant to be, in the meantime, enjoy you and all life has to offer. 



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